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Wholesale Denim Jackets

Snap into Something Snazzy with Classic Denim Jackets

Grab your aviators and white t-shirts; it is time to take a stroll through vintage streetwear history and step into a classic design with denim jackets. Though denim jackets have been around for over a century, they are still a trendy streetwear option that has stood the test of time. 

Denim jackets have come a long way from their invention when they were used only as durable work uniforms. Now, denim jackets are a staple in streetwear, and there are tons of options. Because they are made to be durable and versatile, denim jackets go great with nearly any other streetwear. The heaviness and surprising breathability of denim jackets make them an excellent choice for all seasons and almost any occasion. As a versatile outerwear option, denim jackets can be phenomenal on their own as a closed jacket or worn open as part of layered looks.

We offer a few different options for denim jackets for men and denim jackets for women. Our options for denim jackets are made by Threadfast Apparel and come in black denim and light wash denim options. 

The Threadfast Apparel 372J Unisex Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket offers a comfortable sherpa lining to keep you warm and cozy in the harsh cold. These are also made with recycled materials to feel good about these fabulous jackets. Our other option is the Threadfast Apparel 370J Unisex Denim Jacket. These classic jackets are unlined for perfect layering. With color options in black, light wash, and classic denim, you can get the style that perfectly fits your fashion. 

Score the classic look today with denim jackets.


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Threadfast Apparel 370J

Threadfast Apparel

370J - Unisex Denim Jacket

3 Colors

Threadfast Apparel 372J

Threadfast Apparel

372J - Unisex Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket

2 Colors

Tie-Dye 9050


9050 - Unisex Denim Jacket

3 Colors