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Want a professional look for your business uniforms that offer breathability and comfort? Well, look no further than pique polo shirts. Pique is a term that refers to the method of how the fabric is made, not the material itself. Pique fabric is woven in raised ribbing to give pique fabric its signature subtle pattern and texture. Pique polo shirts have a lot of excellent qualities going for them. Pique polo shirts are breathable, comfortable, and have ease of care. The woven texture allows comfortable breathability while giving you the room and stretch to move around freely. With natural cooling properties, pique polo shirts for men and women also show less sweat, making them the perfect work outfit if you have to spend any amount of time outdoors. Some note that pique polo shirts are more prone to wrinkles than other fabric types; however, the superior brands we carry overcome stereotypes. 

We offer an incredible selection of men’s pique polo shirts and pique polo shirts for women in some of the top brands on the clothing market. Choose pique polo shirts from Devon & Jones, Core 365, Gildan, and more. With your choice of fabrics from 100% cotton to 100% polyester and perfect blends, you can get the best pique polo shirts for your whole team, group, or crew. With a formidable array of colors to choose from, you can get the one that best matches your business or team color. 

We offer a wide selection of pique polo shirts that you need to keep your team comfortable and cool while working. Order yours today and feel comfortable while looking professional. 


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Core 365 CE112

Core 365

CE112 - Men's Fusion ChromaSoft™ Pique Polo

16 Colors

Gildan 72800L


72800L - DryBlend Women's 6.3 oz. Double Pique Polo Shirt

7 Colors