What is Pigment Dye?

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With so many trends to follow when it comes to apparel, should a dye treatment even be on your radar? As popular as pigment-dyed apparel is becoming, we’ll say absolutely yes. It’s so fashion-forward, in fact, that your favorite brands are racing to create their own hush-hush pigment-dye techniques. We’ll highlight one fashion-forward brand as it’s bringing you the hottest pieces in pigment-dyed apparel.

Independent Trading Company is betting you love the broken-in look of your favorite hoodie. It takes a lot to get that lived-in look, especially if it’s from a store’s shelf, to become the most coveted piece in your closet. It can even take years to get that look. And if you accidentally bought a subpar hoodie from somewhere else? It can wear out before it’s worn in. We, and Independent Trading Company, want your clothing to last while bringing you the fashionable style you want. That’s where pigment dye comes in. What if your favorite hoodie looked lived-in without coming apart at the seams? You could say that pigment dye speeds up the clock while keeping your pieces pristine.

How does that happen? What makes the pigment-dye technique so popular is its vintage look and that washed-and-worn coloring. 

Here’s the quick difference between regular dye and pigment dye. Regular dye embeds into yarn. That full saturation is a uniform all-over color, which sounds great, until you see a pigment-dyed piece in comparison. Suddenly regular-dyed pieces look bland, boring, blah. Pigment dye coats the yarn instead of embedding into it. What does this actually mean? There’s now variation in the yarn, with some fabric getting more coverage, other spots getting less. Look at your favorite hoodie. There’s color variation everywhere. That’s naturally what’s happened as you’ve been wearing it for years. That lived-in look that you love is the color variation that makes every garment unique. Except with, say, the Independent Trading PRM4500 Heavyweight Pigment Dyed Hooded Sweatshirt, you don’t have to work on wearing out your brand-new clothes. You can have that look today. 

See what pigment dye looks like up close in Independent Trading Company’s video.

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